4 Best Apps for Meditation and Relaxing

If you have been feeling like you are under a lot of stress then one of the best things that you can do is to meditate. Meditation has proven to be very useful for stress reduction but also when fighting anxiety and depression. 

Moreover, meditation will help you sleep better. Due to the Internet and social media, we are being overwhelmed with so much different information, that it can be hard to stop thinking and processing everything that we learned during the day when we need to go to bed. This has caused a huge number of sleep-deprived people who don’t know what to do to help themselves. 

Additionally, due to a lot of stress piled up in our bodies, we can begin to experience high blood pressure. And with meditation, we can relax and lower that amount of stress, which can also be beneficial for our blood pressure.

However, a lot of people don’t know that they don’t need to attend expensive courses to be able to meditate. As a matter of fact, they can do it from home. And all they need is access to Google Play Store or App Store. 

There are many free or budget-friendly meditation apps that can help us meditate. And in this article, we’ll see which ones have been proven to be the most successful according to user reviews. 

Insight Timer

With Insight Timer you can have 10 free meditations every day at your disposal. That is if you ever get bored of thousands of guided meditations that already exist on this app. What is more, you can see what other members of their community are saying and find an experience that matches your own. In this way, you can see which guided meditation is the best for you and what you are feeling. Also, there are various tracks and ambient sounds that can help you fall asleep.


There are many scientists that believe in the power of breathing properly when it comes to relaxing. And the app “Breethe” is proof that this theory works. By practicing guided meditation with this app you can lower your stress levels and achieve better sleep patterns with just a 5-minute meditation every day. You can also listen to inspirational talks and masterclasses by Lynne Goldberg. With bedtime readings, ambient music, and peaceful nature sounds, you can achieve a better life balance within days. 


This is a great app for those people who experience great levels of stress during the daytime (at work or school, for example) and need something that can help them regain peace of mind and calmness. There are also various features that can be used before bedtime like nature sounds, calming music, as well as soothing storytelling. Moreover, you can add your own input, and the app can build your personalized meditation guide plan.

MyLife Meditation

This app used to go by the name “Stop, Breathe, and Think”. All the meditation guides in this app are made based on how you feel. With the help of this app, you can identify exactly what emotions you are experiencing and then find the best meditation option for you, like yoga, guided meditations, or acupressure. Additionally, this app tracks your progress, so you will know how you were feeling when you first started using it and how you are feeling now.