Best Australian Cricket Players of All Time

Australians are known to be a very physically active and outdoorsy nation. And there is a long list of sports that Australians enjoy doing, and one of the most popular ones on this continent is cricket.

And it comes as no surprise that Australia is the mother country of some of the greatest legends from the world of cricket. And in this article, we’ll take a look at some of those stars. 

Sir Donald Bradman

The greatest name of Australian cricket, but also one of the biggest sports stars around the world is Sir Donald Bradman. Nicknamed the Don, this cricketer had a Test batting average of 99,94. He has been named as the greatest cricket player of all time on several occasions. He has scored many centuries during his career, and next to all of his other accomplishments, it’s no wonder that he was knighted at one point. 

Adam Gilchrist

Even though retired, Adam Gilchrist is still one of Australia’s best wicket keepers. Flamboyant by nature, for most Australian cricket fans, Gilchrist is the best cricket player of all ages. During his career, he was famous for clapping the ball whenever he caught it. 

Shane Warne

Besides being a former international cricket player, Shane Warne was also a cricket commentator in Australia. Moreover, he was also the captain who led many times the national cricket team of Australia.  There is a good reason why Warne was the captain. He was always one step ahead of every player while the game was on. Furthermore, he had an incredible gift of turning most games in Australia’s favor.

Shane Watson

Ben Sutherland, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Another Shane on our list and another former captain. But this time under the last name Watson. When it comes to this cricket player, the opinions are very divided. Whereas some consider him among the best players of all time, there are many cricket fans who think that he shouldn’t even be on the list. 

Ricky Ponting

According to different stats, Ricky Ponting is Australia’s second-best cricket player of all time, the best being Bradman. He’s also the most successful run-maker of this country. Even though he was the 42nd Test captain, his leadership skills have been questioned many times. However, he remains one of the most successful pullers that the cricket world has ever seen. 

Glenn McGrath

If you ever try to find the most accurate and precise cricket players, it’s certain that you will come across the name Glenn McGrath. Furthermore, Glenn was also an incredibly fast and fantastic batsman.  Although he retired in 2007, he is still one of the greatest legends of cricket and a fantastic bowler. 

Michael Clarke

According to many cricket enthusiasts, Michael Clarke has been the best cricket captain in Australia of all time. He also managed to become the first player to score four double centuries and all of them in the same year. His composure and incredible talent have made him into a cricket legend.