6 Amazing Health Benefits of Playing Cricket

The game of cricket is an engaging activity that requires high levels of concentration, rate, and persistence. A nine-hour session is not uncommon, so it demands a lot of strength and endurance. Aside from toughness, gamers must also be concentrated to keep up. Besides, playing this sport has many health and wellness advantages, so all these demands aren’t for nothing. As we will certainly show you below, there are 8 surprising health benefits associated with cricket:

Burn Calories with This Exercise

Burning calories is easy with cricket. This game is fast-paced, so you can burn more calories in a short amount of time, which can easily fit anyone’s busy schedule. An hour of playing cricket burns over 350 calories.

Strengthen Muscles

The game of cricket is very physically demanding due to the fact that you are constantly on the move. There will be plenty of pitching, striking, catching, and throwing the ball as you move on the field. Moreover, you will be able to activate different muscle groups. 

Improved Motor Skills

In cricket, you develop the good motor skills needed to bowl, catch, and bat. Cricket works your body’s larger muscle groups such as the back, quadriceps, chest, glutes, and also hamstrings. Since fat energy is exchanged for muscle mass to sustain the body, advancing muscle mass is also critical to weight management. This way fat is reduced, which increases metabolic rate. In addition, cricket helps tone your body’s muscles, keeping you in shape.

Hand and Eye Coordination

The game of cricket improves hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision. A fielder must synchronize both his eyes and hands when taking a catch or hooking a baby bouncer. Every part of this game will require focus as well as hand and eye coordination. It is essential that your hands and eyes work together so that you can perform well.

Heart and Blood Vessel Health

The running involved in cricket provides some amazing cardio benefits. Physical activity increases the heartbeat rate. Exercise with a raised heartbeat is beneficial to the heart and also prevents blood vessels from constricting. Additionally, increased heartbeats allow your lungs to accumulate more oxygen, allowing your brain to receive more of it. It prevents strokes by increasing the supply of oxygen to the brain.

Improves Concentration

Playing regular cricket helps improve your concentration. Playing cricket hone your ability to make quick decisions and to make good judgments under pressure, which will improve your ability to make wise choices. Additionally, cognitive abilities are boosted by game preparation, where strong analytic abilities are required.