4 Surprising Ways to Lose Weight

Most of the people who are employed and work nine-to-five jobs spend a lot of time behind desks. Meaning throughout the day they have little physical exercise and they also do nothing but sit. This is bad for our health in general, and it can often lead to gaining weight. We spend little energy moving around so most of the things we eat are stored within our body. Sooner or later we start to look into more efficient ways to lose weight and simply improve our physique. So let’s go over a few things that you can do to help you with this endeavor. 

Finding More Ways to Be Active 

Spending too much time sitting is bad in general, so whether you wish to lose weight or not, you should still find more ways to be active. This will help you counteract the negative effects of prolonged sitting. You can do this by walking more often to work, or even buying those new desk chairs that allow you to peddle. You can also get a treadmill desk so that you are walking while working.

Another way to be more active is simply by drinking more water on a regular basis. This helps weight loss as your body will retain less water making you feel less bloated. Also, you will go to the bathroom more frequently or to the kitchen in order to refill your glass, which is more activity overall. Finally, remember to stretch every hour or so and get the blood flowing.   

All of this won’t exactly help you lose weight fast but it will prevent you from putting on additional weight, which is kind of the goal as well.  

Get Some Exercise on an Empty Stomach 

You obviously have to work out in order to lose weight, there is no way around it. It’s simple math, you need to burn out more calories than you are taking in, and you can only do this through exercise. However, your training can be more efficient if you exercise on an empty stomach. The idea is to sweat while you are hungry in order to convince your body to start burning the excess fat. Also, the training will feel easier in general if you do it on an empty stomach. This does not apply if you are aiming for big muscle gains, that’s a completely different thing, we are only talking about weight loss here.

Fight the Cravings 

Carbs often cause cravings, and it’s a type of food you should keep to a minimum. They are still important for your metabolism and sleep, so don’t avoid them completely, and even remember to start a day with a carb meal as your body needs energy. However, always remember to fight these cravings and to find the method that works for you. Some say that tapping on the forehead can work. Others claim that clenching your fists or tightening your muscles can reduce the cravings, and there are suggestions that chewing gum for 40 minutes or so can help. 

Focus On Quality Food

Don’t get too obsessed with counting calories, rather focus only on eating quality or wholesome food. This basically implies that you avoid processed or junk food, which is one of the main causes of weight gain.