7 Kitchen Items You Should Have

Regardless of whether you have a huge kitchen or a tiny one, you will need to supply it with some kitchen essentials. Apart from forks, knives, spoons, and plates, you might need a few extra kitchen items in your possession. We’ve compiled a list of the top kitchen tools every home cook needs, whether you want to minimize clutter or build a kitchen from scratch.

Chef’s Knife

Every chef needs a good knife, and every excellent chef needs a sharp knife. It’s one of the few purchases you’ll have a real appreciation for. If you need stainless steel that will stay sharp over time, pop into a specialty store. Select a knife that feels comfortable in your hands. The item should feel balanced in your hand, be easy to hold, and be easy to control.


There are various sizes and shapes of sturdy metal whisks. A whisk with a comfortable handle is ideal. Whether you want to mix dry ingredients before baking or mixing a batter when you want to bake pancakes or something similar this tool will be the most useful one you can get. You’ll also need an ordinary flat whisk.

Box Grater

It is inevitable that you will find yourself reaching for a box shredder at the least expected times. It will be easy to grate butter, zucchini, or parmesan with a box grater. A box grater might require a little more pressure and work than a food processor, but the fact that it does not take up much space is great.

Kitchen Shears

As you open packages, trim herbs, or trim meat fat every day, shears come in handy. Everyone knows that this is one of the essentials in anybody’s kitchen. It might be necessary to use them every now and then to cut up a whole chicken or trim the crusts from pies. It’s better to buy a pair that can be taken apart for cleaning, so no gunk builds up in the hinge.

Cast-Iron Skillet

With thick, heavy bottoms and sides, cast iron pans retain heat well and can reach high temperatures evenly. A steak or scallops turn out beautifully when fried in a cast-iron skillet. If you’re making cornbread or cobblers, put them straight in the oven – these amazing skillets will come in handy in so many baking adventures.

Nonstick Skillet

You also need a skillet you will be able to clean in a few seconds for “frying” in a healthy way without any oil. Moreover, you can use these for pancakes, omelets, or crepes. It is important to choose a nonstick pan that has a ceramic coating, as many nonstick pans contain chemicals that may harm you and the environment.


After boiling pasta, vegetables, and fruits, wash them and drain them using a colander.  You can go for a standard one of the ones you can attach to a saucepan or a bowl. A colander that rests on the corners of the sink is also suitable. Consider metal or ceramic, which are stronger and usually more hygienic than plastic.