Ebook vs Audiobook – Which Is Better?

We hear all the time how books are the best way to experience the story and tend to criticize movies or TV shows when their adaptation of the book is not to our liking. Books can be really long which allows them to flesh out different characters or whole fictional world and that’s what really makes them immersive.

Still, many people prefer a movie or a TV show as it makes it easier for them to follow what’s going on. Nowadays we live fast pace lives and reading a whole book can take lots of hours. Moreover, our brains are conditioned differently and we have a shorter attention span so for many, it’s difficult to stay focused for a prolonged period. This is why both e-books and audiobooks can help, and here we will try to decide which one is better. 

Why Do They Make Reading Easier? 

Both e-books and audiobooks can help you go through the book more efficiently. If you are using a kindle or another book reader, you can easily enlarge the text and adjust the lighting. Meaning you can get into a more comfortable position while reading, see the text clearly, and if you get distracted it’s easier to find a spot where you left off.

Audiobooks are also great, basically, you are listening to another person read who often changes their voice as they read different characters. This makes it easier to follow, and if they are good at voice acting you can really get immersed into what’s going on. 

Which One Is Better for You

This really depends on the type of learner you are. Some people retain the information better if they read it, others if they hear it, and there are those who learn better using visual aids. Now, this really an oversimplified explanation, and we all use different methods for learning depending on the thing we are trying to comprehend. So, most of this theory has been debunked, but there is still some truth to it that applies here. 

If you remember things better while reading then obviously e-book are a better choice. Whereas if you prefer hearing someone else then audiobooks are going to be a superior choice. 

Combining Both 

There is a new trend for reading using VR, and the idea is to have a book page displayed in front of you and create a virtual setting that resembles the one in the book. Moreover, there will be some sounds in the background and an of course a voice-over for each page. You can always customize this and turn off the audio recording of the book but the idea is to make everything more memorable by fully engaging your senses. 

Benefits of E-books 

Even if you don’t like reading you still need to train yourself to be more focused, and you can do this through e-books. Sooner or later in life, you will benefit from the ability to be more attentive so, it’s better to hone this skill through the content that you enjoy. 

Benefits of Audiobook 

The audiobook can be used in combination with ebooks and make it easier for you to follow what’s going on. Your thoughts are less likely to wander off and you will finish the chapter faster. This is a great lifehack if you need to read a book to write an essay because you might be forced to read something you wouldn’t pick on your own. 

Another benefit is that you can enjoy your book while working out, or doing chores. Also, you can just enjoy the book in a more comfortable position. This is really advantageous, and that’s why a lot of people enjoy audiobooks.