The Art of Developing a Reading Habit

Reading improves your memory, expands your vocabulary, provides you with new information, and can improve your concentration and focus. Almost everyone wishes they had the time to read more, but some are feeling stuck in this process. It’s possible to develop a daily habit of reading more and more by using a number of strategies. Here are some tips you should check out.

Plan What You Will Read

Creating an extensive list of books you’d like to read is a great place to start. Create a list of titles you have been meaning to read but never got around to, or titles you might want to check out in order to gain some insight into a topic or area of study that interests you. While you can create your own lists, you can also use lists created by others. Keep in mind that a large number of different lists are also available online.

Decide What You Want to Accomplish

Setting goals can motivate you to read more. Alternatively, you could set an objective for this year such as reading a certain number of books or reading a set number of pages each day, and then work toward achieving that goal. Sticking to your goal is also something you will need to practice, so give it some time and don’t give up.

Read Somewhere You Enjoy

Finding a great place to read will encourage you to read more. Preferably, it should be somewhere quiet, without distractions. Try to find a place where you feel relaxed, safe, and able to focus. Besides reading in bed, you could read on a comfy chair or sofa, in a park, and at the library too, of course.

Become Actively Involved in Reading

It is better to read passively than not at all, but you should try an active approach to reading. It is a way of thinking and paying attention to what you read, highlighting important and interesting passages, and writing remarks in the margins or elsewhere. Use the highlighting and note-taking features on your smartphone or ebook reader to help you in the process.

Always Carry a Book With You

Whether it’s a book on your smartphone or an ebook reader, always keep reading options with you. Having access to your books means you can read whenever you feel like it. By doing so, you can read instead of scrolling TikTok or Instagram during your little breaks.

Read Several Books at a Time

Reading several books at once is actually a really good approach to developing a reading habit. Every time you get tired of a book or want a change of pace, you just switch titles. You can spice up things by reading completely different genres. This will help you avoid getting bored with a particular writing style, or genre. All in all, having a couple of different choices at a time is always a good option.